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Wellness Post: Health, our Greatest Wealth

Dr. Bob Bedea Dr. Bob Bedea Follow Dec 20, 2019 · 1 min read
Wellness Post: Health, our Greatest Wealth
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Health, our greatest wealth…. While all of the world’s riches can buy the most nutritious food on our planet, our health cannot be bought for any number of zeros behind a number.

Health is mental, physical, and metaphysical.

It cannot be achieved without forgiveness. Nor can it be achieved in the presence of worries, doubts and fears.

It is a practice, a lifestyle, and a proactive choice, much more than a matter of DNA, and luck.

Thought of another way, the ONLY three things that can make us sick begin with the letter T. Trauma Toxicity & Thoughts

A poor diet can be both traumatic and toxic. Chemical poisons can be found in all sorts of consumer products and in pollution from automobiles and industry.

Thoughts, namely in the form of Worries, Doubts, and Fears, all prove that the is way more powerful than the body!

Peace is a state of mind.

Prayer, faith, meditation, and forgiveness are some of the greatest ways to achieve peace.

Health = peace + nutrition + rest + exercise + clean water

SLEEP is a great HEALER.

Exercise can easily be over-done + NO FUN……..Beware of BOTH pitfalls!

Laughter has never been over-rated.

Be love, Be joy, Be health, Be happiness…….Be the change that you want to SEE!


Dr. Bob Bedea
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