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“” takes our community guidelines seriously. When commenting and communicating with our Social Media accounts we ask you participate with kindness and politeness.

Commenting Policy

As part of the Good News Sebastian Community you are allowed to comment on all open forums. However, we reserve the right on our site to moderate these comments as we see fit. This is to ensure a safe and intellectual commenting environment for our users.

Due to our moderation filters some comments may be marked as pending until approved by the moderators. We thank each user for their patience while waiting for comments to be approved.

Comments can also be reported by users who find them offensive, which will cause the comment to be hidden from the user who reported it. A moderator will then be immediately notified to investigate where they can choose to either keep or remove the comment based off our commenting policy.

Please also note that some articles may not have commenting at all, as our editorial staff has the right to turn comments on and off depending on the nature of the article.

We strive to create a safe community at and expect our viewers to abide by our terms of use and privacy policy.

Do you moderate comments?

Yes, uses moderation in an effort to maintain a safe and respectful environment in our online community. If your comment or username includes vulgar, racist, threatening, or otherwise offensive language, it will be removed. Please review our privacy policy and terms of use for more information.

In addition, our social media is moderated for fake accounts. We will remove those accounts that are reported as illegitimate. If you believe your account has been removed unfairly you can request a review via email.

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