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Wellness: Cannabis over Coffee Event

Dr. Bob Bedea Dr. Bob Bedea Follow Jan 28, 2020 · 3 mins read
Wellness: Cannabis over Coffee Event
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Last night, on behalf of Good News Sebastian, I attended a gathering billed as “Cannabis over Coffee “ at Café Latte da here in Sebastian.

As you may already know, CBD products are now flooding the marketplace and are non-prescription, while products which contain large concentrations of THC (more psychoactive) require a prescription here in Florida.

Nothing can top the medicinal properties of the whole flower…

Generally, nothing can top the medicinal properties of the whole flower, according to Arnold Diehl, the expert guest speaker. “The medicine is found on the outside of the plant, and compounds known as terpenes are vital to the efficacy of cannabinoids”, added Diehl.

good news sebastian cannabis

“Most people in the industry continue to pay too much attention to THC proportions and not enough to the richness and quality of the terpenes!” Mr.Diehl went on to say that the terpenes are strongly linked to our physical ability to absorb and utilize the medicinal components of the plant.

Mr. Diehl added that salves containing cannabinoids and Rick Simpson Oil, are both being used with great success topically and in suppositories to aid in the treatment of numerous diseases and ailments.

It is important for us to know that our bodies have an “endocannabinoid system”! In other words, cannabinoids like CBD are essential to a healthy endocrine system!

We were lied to for many years

Cannabis and hemp are basically all the same plant, and should be thought of as medicinal herbs, not drugs. “We were lied to for many years”, says Diehl. Here in America cannabis is totally legal to have and grow in a handful of states, with more trending that way yearly.

Wow, I never knew that cannabis had so many medicinal properties, nor of the many sustainable and useful products we can make of hemp! It is indeed a wonderful natural resource, and a key factor in the future of a “Green Economy”. Well, that is, not before I turned 60, when I really learned that cannabis is awesome, and there really never was anything called marijuana, until someone made it up. It heals.

Peace, Dr. Bob

good news sebastian cannabis

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