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February Writing Prompt Challenge!

Lee Lomas Lee Lomas Follow Feb 08, 2020 · 7 mins read
February Writing Prompt Challenge!
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Our Very First Writing Challenge!

Good News Sebastian! Ready to try something fun?!

As a writer I enjoy taking classes with others. I found that as part of these classes, there were usually writing prompt exercises included. Writing prompts are used to guide a new writer and get their creative juices flowing, to give new ideas to write about and to help one who may have writers block.

The first time I found that I had to write something free form from a prompt, I was intimidated. I thought I would sit there with an empty paper in front of me. Nothingness is what I would have to read aloud to the class.

The main purpose for doing the exercises is to get some of the muck out of your brain. Please keep in mind, while participating in writing prompts, they are usually timed, there are no corrections, no thinking about what to write and you just put it on paper as it seeps out of your brain.

Many times it doesn’t even make sense.

Many times it doesn’t even make sense. Here is a short blurb created by the writing prompt (I am paraphrasing now because I don’t remember the exact prompt taken from 500 Writing Prompts by Picadilly). I added photos for a little extra humor.

The Prompt

Prompt: Create a story based on a superhero that has to do with the city you live in, what their powers are, what they look like, etc. Mine is titled Saint Sebastian.

Saint Sebastian

"Saint Sebastian"

Saint Sebastian fights those folks who need a little extra help of getting down the roadway here in Sebastian, FL. Maybe even help moving through the streets in a manner conducive to faster than a slow moving tortoise.

Saint Sebastian has the heart of a child, a mind of a gentlewoman, a soul and wings of an angel.

Saint Sebastian has flowing hair to assist in spiritually moving the snowbirds down the road safely.

"Saint Sebastian has flowing hair to assist in spiritually moving the snowbirds down the road safely."

Saint Sebastian flies over traffic in her air born crafty BMW with an open window as the floorboard to see all her enchanted followers flowing below her like waves in the ocean.

Saint Sebastian’s greatest quality and super human power is the ability to smoothly guide all around her, thereby leaving smiles on everyone’s faces.

"...her enchanted followers flowing below her like waves in the ocean."

Give it a try


Creating fiction was harder for me although it was really fun. Humor is something I add to most of my writing. As I typed this out (and I really wanted to change it), I saw one problem with the open window concept (falling out). However, Saint Sebastian could easily reach down and snatch her driver up by neck if they seemed a little off course. She could then set them on a better path. Keep in mind, we don’t know the prompt before its read to us. My spouse created a superhero based on driving in Sebastian as well. Too funny, how our minds work together, yet so differently.

Give it a try, it’s fun even if you don’t want to be a writer.

Give the writing prompt a try!

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