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Wellness: Meditation Dr. Bob Style

Dr. Bob Bedea Dr. Bob Bedea Follow Feb 11, 2020 · 2 mins read
Wellness: Meditation Dr. Bob Style
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Believe it folks, the exercise our minds most often require more than anything else is REST. It a huge part of the reason that sleep is so HEALING.

Meditation is really the art of doing nothing, and quieting the mind.

Breath is the best tool to latch onto as you begin the learning process.

Our lungs are shaped somewhat like pyramids….pointed at the top, and wide at their base.

When we fail to use our bellies (diaphragm) while breathing, only the top parts fill with air, creating oxygen deficiency, greater muscle tension, and stress.

Thus, allow the belly to expand, inhale deeply, and gently bring your attention to the center of your forehead.

… Ease is the opposite of disease…

This is often best done while sitting in a good erect posture, on a comfortable chair, but can also be done on a hammock, etc..

Inhale deeply through the nose and think “Receive”, then exhale slowly through the mouth and think “Give”. After all, isn’t everything in life best when there is a balance between giving and receiving?

Find a quiet place at first, as you learn to put yourself at ease.

After all, ease is the opposite of disease.

Peace and love, Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob Bedea
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