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Participate in the IRC Parks Master Plan with this quick survey!

Damien Lee Gilliams Damien Lee Gilliams Follow Mar 20, 2024 · 1 min read
Participate in the IRC Parks Master Plan with this quick survey!
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Good News Sebastian! Your Opinion Matters!

Below is a link to a survey that will give you the opportunity to let the county know which facilities you use and how well you think they are kept. Don’t miss this opportunity! If you haven’t been to all of these beautiful Indian River County parks then this is an excellent checklist and the perfect time to start checking off each park!

Click HERE to take the Survey!


Here is a helpful link with all of the Indian River County Parks on it! Can you make it to all of them?! Click HERE to see a list of all IRC Parks!


Here is a map created by a Google Local Guide, and your website editor Damien!

Indian River County Beauty

Here are some photos of our beautiful local parks! This will get updated as we make our way through the list.

Golden Sands Beach

golden sands beach

"Golden Sands Beach" March 23, 2024

Roseland Community Park and Dock

Roseland Community Park

"Roseland Community Dock" March 24, 2024

Roseland Community Park

"Roseland Community Park & Dock" March 24, 2024

Wabasso Causeway

wabasso causeway

"Wabasso Beach Causeway" March 24, 2024

Turtle Trail

Turtle Trail

"Turtle Trail" March 24, 2024

Turtle Trail

"Turtle Trail" March 24, 2024

Tracking Station Park

tracking station park

"Tracking Station Park" March 24, 2024

A Community Stands Stronger Together

If you have anything you would like to share, reach out and send it to us!

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